Data transmissions from EPD’s are received directly by the display unit allowing changes in dose rate to be instantly displayed. RadSight provides configurable alarm set points by enabling electronic issue and return of EPDs using EPD readers.

The RadSightLive system also provides integrated reporting and management capability. The system is supplied complete and ready to use straight out of the box.

The Trudose™ EPD provides the highest quality of radiation detection. It requires no external interface or radios.

The Trudose™ EPD provides the highest quality of radiation detection. It requires no external interface or radios.




EPD Issue and Return

RadSight Live allows an EPD to be assigned to a person and associated with a particular activity or procedure. It records the time of issue and completion and the EPD dose is recorded. Once assigned a bar will appear on the real time display alongside the person’s name. To use this facility, an EPD Assignment terminal is installed at each issue/return location to provide communication with the EPD. It is also possible to use configured EPDs without assignment utilizing a colour coding system. In this mode the EPD is simply switched on as required using the button on the EPD. The EPD Assignment Terminal can be wall mounted or supplied with a desktop stand if desired.

Real-time Monitoring

RadSight Live enables real-time wireless graphical displays showing issued EPDs and their live dose rates. This data is displayed on easy to understand bar graphs against each team members name. A green bar indicates levels are acceptable. If the dose rate exceeds a preset threshold, the bar turns yellow and then red and flashing to alert team members to high dose rates. The RadSight Live display can be mounted alongside other displays using a standard VESA mount and associated brackets or clamps. A live dose or dose rate chart is also available that shows a history of recent measurements.

Historic Data and Dose Control System

RadSight Live provides detailed historic data including all real time data and EPD issue/return data with dose summary. Charts can be easily displayed by selecting an EPD issue record to display a chart of all data for that period. Personnel reports can also be generated providing monthly dose summary. Other reports include dose summary by activity. These features enable RemoteDose to provide dose tracking and monitoring for your workforce.

Downloadable Resources

RadSightLive-Nuclear.pdf (Nuclear Sector)
RadSightLive-Medical.pdf (Medical Sector)