Safety awareness of your personnel and their environment

Simplifying Connectivity & Remote Instrumentation

RemoteDNA is a family of hardware and software products bringing connectivity to remote instrumentation used in a variety of area and personnel monitoring situations.  Data is efficiently gathered to a central location where it can be easily and effectively displayed for rapid decision making and response.


Cloud Solutions & Locally Managed Systems

RemoteDNA users can utilize purpose built hardware products and centrally managed software to get their sensors online or to enable real-time local monitoring and display. An event system allows users to receive emails and text message alerts when data exceeds given ranges.


purpose built hardware and software



RemoteDNA provides a range of solutions tailored for remote monitoring in environmental, nuclear and medical specifications.



Providing feedback and telemetry for environmental factors, from air quality to water purity.


Our products are trusted by nuclear power facilities across Europe in essential safety and analytical applications.


Monitor and track team radiation exposure during medical procedures involving x-rays or ionising radiation.


Looking for more?

We can provide our customers with semi-custom solutions by utilising the modular structure of our products, our design services and our engineering capability.