We provide access control systems to controlled areas, dosimetry issue and return, and dose assessment software.

RemoteDNA is built on the some of the latest networking hardware. Link2 devices connect to various instruments and then retransmit the data via LAN, 2.4 GHz wireless, 900 MHz wireless or through cellular broadband (GSM). 

RemoteDNA will give you instant access to the data you need in the field.

Our RadSight software builds on RemoteDNA for use with active dosimeters. This provides a complete system for access control, dose recording and real-time personnel monitoring. With RadSight Live, personnel working in close proximity to radiation can be monitored remotely to help reduce exposure and follow the ALARA principle.


RADSAT Complete self-contained system with:

- 15” touch-screen screen with alarm indicators

- Tough Pelican case for transport, deployment and storage

- Integral radios and EPD storage

- RadSightLive software

Radiation Display and Telemetry Kit

Radiation Display and Telemetry Kit

Trusted by nuclear radiation authorities and military agencies including the US Navy.

Key Features 

  1. Remote Data Capture. Collects, stores and organizes radiological data from all your radiological instrumentation.

  2. Real-time Graphical Display and Event Alerts. Increase awareness of problems as they occur so that action can be taken to reduce dose exposure.

  3. Historical Data Analysis. View historical data charts to analyse effectiveness of procedures. Export data as CSV files to use in your favourite analysis tool.

  4. Scalable system. From a stand alone system using RadSight software installed on a desktop or as the portable RadSat self contained terminal to a fully featured Access Control System with live data monitoring installed throughout a power station using radio and network devices.

  5. Cloud Hosting. Remove the need to install and maintain expensive local IT infrastructure by opting for a managed cloud option. The RemoteDNA server application is hosted on a cloud platform for a high reliability, high availability system managed by Charthouse.

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