Remote Dust Monitoring | ADR-1500

Thermo ADR-1500 Dust MonitorRemoteDNA provides reliable remote monitoring for many leading instrument manufactures including Thermo Scientific's MEI ADR-1500.  The ADR-1500 is an ambient dust monitor that provides real time data including particulate concentration, air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.  This combined with the RemoteDNA Link2-Sensor, precise data can be retrieved from the ADR-1500 complied and uploaded wirelessly to RemoteDNA's Air Quality Portal for instant retrieval and access.   


Wireless Data Access

Link2-SensorAdding a Link2-Sensor with cellular capabilities gives remote access to ADR-1500's deployed in the field.  The ADR-1500 can then be installed where the most concise particulate data can be retrieved without the concerns of network connectivity.  

The Link2-Sensor is compatible with the most major cellular carriers. The Link2-Sensor can be equipped with either a GSM/HSDPA (AT&T/T-Mobile) or CMDA/1x RTT (Verizon/Sprint) radio.   RemoteDNA can also assist in finding the right cellular provider and data plan to meet your remote monitoring needs.  

When transimitting ADR-1500 particulate data the Link2-Sensor typically uses less than 250MB per month minimizing expensive data charges.


GPS and Mapping Solutions

By connecting the Link2-Sensor to the ADR-1500, end users have GPS location data for the instrumentation.  When the Link2-Sensor uploads particulate data to the Air Quality Portal, it includes this GPS information.  The Air Quality Portal then maps this data using satellite imagery to give a complete picture of where particulate data is being measured from and other nearby dust sources could be.

Air Quality Portal GPS Location


Wind Direction Upgrade

Wind SensorBy combining the enhanced wireless capabilities and location awareness of the Link2-Sensor with the Weather Sensor Upgrade option to the Thermo Scientific ADR-1500, users now have a more accurate picture of the flow of dust particulate within a given region.  

The Weather Sensor Upgrade can be mounted at the same location as the ADR-1500/Link2-Sensor and provides wind speed and wind direction.  The wind sensor data is also fully integrated in the Air Quality Portal for complete remote analysis of particulate data alongside the wind speed information.