Wireless Telemetry

WAM 500 PRemoteDNA hardware is capable of communicating with many leading instrument manufacturers including I.I.S.'s latest product the Wireless Area Monitor (WAM) 500 Series.  The WAM 500 Series gamma radiation detectors utilizes Digi's XBee radio platform to transmit gamma radiation counts using the internal Geiger–Müller tube to a nearby base radio.  The Link2-Base is an ideal solution for communicating with the WAM 500 to receive radiation counts and upload data to a local server for alarms, data logging and analysis.



Expanding Wireless Capabilities

By placing the Link2-Base in a central location, WAM 500 units can transmit radiation data instantly without the need to tethered to a computer or the costs and installation of a wired Ethernet solution.  The Link2-Base wireless radio also allows WAM 500 P to monitor radiation by users on foot while still maintaining a constant data connection back to the central server.  Data encryption is also available to keep radiation secure from the outside world.  If long distance wireless solutions are needed, the Link-2 Base can be equipped with high gain antennas to further expand the wireless capabilities of your radiation instrumentation.


Power Over Ethernet

The Link2-Base is a versatile wireless base radio that has integrated POE capabilities allowing flexible wireless planning when deploying WAM 500 radiation monitors.  The Link2-Base is powered by an external A/C power adapter or through POE (Power Over Ethernet).  By utilizing POE, installation and setup cost are minimized by requiring a single Ethernet cable to be installed along with the Link2-Base.


Expanding Options

XBee RadioIn addition to communicating with the WAM 500 series, the Link2-Base can also be configured to communicated with the entire Digi XBee line of radio and the Digi XTend radio for long range wireless solutions.  Email sales@remotedna.com to see how the Link2-Base can expand the capabilities of your radiation instrumentation.