Nuclear Power Monitoring

RemoteDNA networking equipment helps you meet ALARA goals, providing a flexible network for placing radiation instruments online.  Equipment can be deployed in a portable manner within the RCA during outages, providing an extensible wired and wireless networking system, as well as being setup in a fixed network providing perimeter monitoring.  Contact our staff who are experienced in NPP deployments.

Below is a sample setup of RemoteDNA monitoring and Link2 technologies.  Instruments are connected to Link2 hardware and radiation data is easily viewed and monitored for alarm conditions.  The information is transmitted using the Link2 device's internal radio to the RemoteDNA portal. Off-site monitoring is provided securely using the Link2-GSM modules, making it simple to keep track of information miles away from the plant.  In the event GSM coverage is unavailable, satellite technologies are implemented.

.Nuclear Power Monitoring



Applications/fields where RemoteDNA nuclear monitoring is used:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Nuclear Submarines
  • Colleges and Universities (nuclear testing)