Custom Solutions and System Design

Remote Dust Monitoring | ADR-1500

Thermo ADR-1500 Dust MonitorRemoteDNA provides reliable remote monitoring for many leading instrument manufactures including Thermo Scientific's MEI ADR-1500.  The ADR-1500 is an ambient dust monitor that provides real time data including particulate concentration, air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.  This combined with the RemoteDNA Link2-Sensor, precise data can be retrieved from the ADR-1500 complied and uploaded wirelessly to RemoteDNA's Air Quality Portal for instant retrieval and access.   

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Wireless Telemetry

WAM 500 PRemoteDNA hardware is capable of communicating with many leading instrument manufacturers including I.I.S.'s latest product the Wireless Area Monitor (WAM) 500 Series.  The WAM 500 Series gamma radiation detectors utilizes Digi's XBee radio platform to transmit gamma radiation counts using the internal Geiger–Müller tube to a nearby base radio.  The Link2-Base is an ideal solution for communicating with the WAM 500 to receive radiation counts and upload data to a local server for alarms, data logging and analysis.


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Nuclear Power Monitoring

RemoteDNA networking equipment helps you meet ALARA goals, providing a flexible network for placing radiation instruments online.  Equipment can be deployed in a portable manner within the RCA during outages, providing an extensible wired and wireless networking system, as well as being setup in a fixed network providing perimeter monitoring.  Contact our staff who are experienced in NPP deployments.

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Environmental Systems

One application for RemoteDNA is in the area of Environmental Systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set standards for air quality, water quality, hazardous waste and various other environmental areas. When RemoteDNA is connected to testing instrumentation you have instant access to monitor how your company is meeting the latest EPA standards. Users have access to air and water quality data from all your facility locations, all from one convenient Environmental Systems Portal.

The Environmental Systems Portal can be combined with the latest RemoteDNA hardware to give you access to various instrumentation.  Instruments can be connected using long range wireless and LAN based systems for on site monitoring or cellular monitoring can gives access to sensor data on key offsite locations. 

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CBRN Security Monitoring

Customized CBRN Solutions

CBRN(chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) is a new and growing security concern. Many instruments are available to test and verify different bio-nuclear threats but RemoteDNA provides the technology to retrieve information from different sources quickly and effectively. RemoteDNA uses the latest wireless radio technologies, security protocols and redundant data storage to provide access to instrument data. RemoteDNA can create a hardware and software solution to give priority access to CBRN instrument data when you need it.

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