First Responder

First Responders AmbulanceFirst Responder provides instant data communication for first responders.  When on call for an emergency incident, first responders send back instrument data to other specialists to get critical feedback through connected Link2 hardware.  This provides extra safety and resources to those on call in time sensitive emergency situations. 

First Responder Support Application

The First Responder Support Application gives instant communication and data acquisition to central offices, dispatchers and supervisors.  Instrument data is wirelessly transmitted from the field through Link2 wireless and cellular hardware back to the First Responder Support Application.  This information can then be stored, analyzed and displayed to help determine where resources are needed most in the field.  Other system alerts can be setup to keep supervisors and other government officials in constant contact of high risk situations.  All this is accessed through a user friendly and easy to understand interface.

The First Responder software seamlessly integrates with RemoteDNA Link2 hardware to give your organization a clean and efficient solution to mission critical information.  To discuss more about RemoteDNA's First Responders software can solve your remote monitoring needs, email

Markets for RemoteDNA First Responder:

  • State Authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • Police
  • EMTs
  • Hospitals
  • Fire Safety