RemoteDNA Software Solutions

RemoteDNA gives you access to your data instrumentation through online portals custom fit to your industry.  Whether you need to monitor your information 24/7 or just need to be notified when there is a problem, RemoteDNA solves your remote monitoring needs.  All information is stored securely, with controlled access and available when and where you need it.

First Responder

First Responders AmbulanceFirst Responder provides instant data communication for first responders.  When on call for an emergency incident, first responders send back instrument data to other specialists to get critical feedback through connected Link2 hardware.  This provides extra safety and resources to those on call in time sensitive emergency situations. 

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Environmental Dashboard

EnvironmentalThe Environmental Dashboard gives users instant access to specific information on how their business is impacting the environment.  The Environmental Dashboard records data from strategically setup instrumentation and gives users clear and easy to understand data.  In addition to monitoring environmental data, the Environmental Dashboard can send emails and text message (SMS) alerts when data exceeds given ranges.  These notifications give site managers instant notifications when problems arise.  These features make the Environmental Dashboard and ideal solution to remotely monitor EPA guidelines for your company. 

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RAD Control

RAD ControlRAD Control management software collects, stores and organizes radiological data from all your radiological instrumentation.  Users can then have access to chart and monitor increases within a specific building, factory or region.  Data can be stored and retrieved later for comparison purposes.  RAD Control can monitor individual sites a well as larger territories and areas.



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ReachBack Gateway

ReachbackThe ReachBack Gateway software package gives those with testing instruments ability to send back mission critical information back to a central location where it is processed and analyzed.  This process allows vital information to be processed quickly and efficiently.  Another advantage of the ReachBack Gateway is that information is only being sent when there's data that needs further analysis.  This saves times because only critical data is being processed when expert assistance is needed. 


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