Weather Sensor Upgrade

Weather Sensor UpgradeBy combining the enhanced wireless capabilities and location awareness of the Link2-Sensor with the Wind Sensor upgrade option to the Thermo Scientific ADR-1500, users now have a more accurate picture of the flow of dust particulate within a given region.  

The wind sensor upgrade can be mounted at the same location as the ADR-1500/Link2-Sensor and provides wind speed and wind direction.  The wind sensor data is also fully integrated in the Air Quality Portal for complete remote analysis of particulate data alongside the wind speed information.

Product Overview

2-Axis Wind Direction 

The Wind Sensor provides 360 degree wind direction output to give users key information about the flow of dust particulate in a given region.  The wind direction can help interpret if particulate data is originating from a company site or from another environmental occurrence.

Precision Wind Speed Measurement

By utilizing solid state components, the wind sensor provides wind speed data from 0 - 60 m/s (134mph).  This provides critical information about the rate that particulate data is traveling over a site.

Location Awareness

By combing the wind sensor with the Link2-Sensor’s GPS capabilities, users have a detailed picture of the location where dust particulate data is being measured.  Location data can then be projected onto a area map using the Air Quality Portal.

Versatile Device

The Wind Sensor is IP65 rated for outdoor use to match the Link2-Sensor and ADR-1500 capabilities and has several mounting options.  This versatility allows for outdoor instrument monitoring in Environmental and industrial applications.