Link2-LAN | Serial to Ethernet | Instrument Networking

The Link2-LAN smart instrument trans-receiver device that connects directly to your compatible devices and gives wired and optional wireless connectivity to upload data to the RemoteDNA network. Link2-LAN can control up to 4 devices and provides relay outputs to connect to audible alarms, visual alarms or other relay controlled devices.


The Link2-LAN has two primary modes of operation:

Data Uplink

Typically the Link2-LAN is used to relay data from up to 4 serial (RS-232 or RS-485) devices to the RemoreDNA web portal. Connectivity is achieved through the built in 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45 jack) or optional wireless radio add-on.

Device Server

Additionally, a Link2-LAN captures data being received from a directly connected serial device. Devices either send their own unsolicited data, or the Link2-LAN is used to poll data out of the device. This data is encrypted and transmitted in a low bandwidth format to compatible remote monitoring systems such as the RemoteDNA Web Portal.


The Link2-LAN has the following external ports:

Link2-LAN Front


The power port enables the Link2-LAN to be powered from an external DC 9-36V power source.

Ethernet / RJ45

The Ethernet port connects the Link2-LAN to the local area network or Internet to be configured using its web based configuration pages. A configuration tool enables all local LAN based DR-1500 units to be easily identified.

Link2-LAN BackRS-232 Serial Ports (x2)

For connection to RS-232 serial port wired as a DTE.

1x3 IDC Header (RS-485)

Connects to RS-485 half duplex serial port.

2x5 IDC header

For connection to configurable serial port.

1x9 IDC header

Digital I/O, GND, and the SPDT relay come out on this header.

Link2-LAN Specifications

Ethernet Port


Serial Ports

1 DTE RS-232 1 DCE RS-232 1 RS-485 half duplex 1 configurable serial port (3-, 5-, and 9-wire option) 1 3-wire RS-232


9 V to 36 V DC, 1.5 W typical

H * W * D

3.558" × 4.180" × 1.718" (90 mm × 106 mm × 44 mm)

Link2-LAN Configurations

Part Number
Radio Model Number
CDM60720 Link2-LAN, no radio n/a
CDM60721 Link2-LAN with 2.4GHz Radio RFM WIT2410S4G