Link2-Gateway | Touchscreen Gateway and Base Radio


Link2-Gateway is a wireless gateway that connects multiple Link2 devices to the RemoteDNA portal via a local LAN or via mobile broadband (GSM). Link2-Gateway also read instruments that are directly connected via serial or USB (compatible devices).Link2-Gateway has a 3.5" LCD touchscreen which is used to configure the connection type, what devices are connected, and other detailed information without needing a host computer.



The Link2-Gateway has four primary modes of operation:

Data Gateway

Typically the Link2-Gateway is used to relay data from Link2 radios to the RemoteDNA Portal monitoring application. Data is received from other Link2 units and is transmitted through the integrated LAN or GSM modem.

Device Server

Additionally, a Link2-Gateway captures data being received from a directly connected serial device. Devices can either send their own unsolicited data, or the Link2-Gateway used to poll data out of the device. Data is then buffered, packaged for data efficiency and transmitted across the radio network.

Open Gateway

A Link2-Gateway is a data translator, receiving data from many instruments in their proprietary protocols, and converting it to an open XML based format that can be used generically by monitoring software. Sensor information is uploaded to the RemoteDNA Portal or accessed through your existing monitoring software.

Data Locator

Link2-Gateway is available with an integrated GPS receiver. This provides real-time situational awareness of the gateway your remote instrumentation.

The Link2-Gateway has the following external ports:

Back of Link2-Gateway


The power port enables the Link2-Gateway to be powered from an external DC 6-9V power source.

USB (host)

The USB port enables device connections and supports both USB and virtual Serial conversion for RS 232 serial connections up to 115200 Kbps.

USB (device)

An additional USB port is used to configure portions of the Link2-Gateway though a PC.

Ethernet / RJ45

The Ethernet port connects the Link2-Gateway to the local area network or Internet to be configured using its web based configuration pages. A configuration tool enables all local LAN based Link2-Gateway units to be easily identified. The Link2-Gateway can also be configured using the built in 3.5" LCD touchscreen.


The SD/MMC serves as a data backup in the event there is a loss of network connection. Once the network has been restored the Link2-Gateway then uploads the saved data to the RemoteDNA network.

RS232 Serial Port

For connection to RS-232 serial port wired as a DTE.


Link2-Gateway Specifications

Internal Radio

Can be configured with 2.4GHz or 900 MHz and quad band GSM radio

LCD Touchscreen

3.5" TFT LCD (320x240)

External Voltage

6.0 - 9.0 V

H * W * L

4.14 cm x 13.335 cm x 13.97 cm


SMA and Reverse SMA Connectors

Link2-Gateway Configurations

Part Number
Radio Model Number
CDM60700 Link2-Gateway LAN with 2.4GHz Radio RFM WIT2410S4G
CDM60702 Link2-Gateway LAN with 2.4GHz Radio RFM DNT2400P
CDM60701 Link2-Gateway LAN with 900Mhz Radio Digi XT09-MI
CDM60710 Link2-Gateway GSM with 2.4GHz Radio Digi XT09-MI
CDM60711 Link2-Gateway GSM with 900Mhz Radio RFM WIT2410S4G

Link2-Gateway Downloads