Link2-900MHz | 900Mhz Wireless Radio for Instruments

link2instrument transmitter900mhzThe Link2-900MHz wireless device connects directly to your compatible devices and gives wireless connectivity to other Link2 devices and also connects to the Link2-LAN or Link2-GSM to upload data to the RemoteDNA network.

Link2-900MHz operates in the 900 MHz band with USA (FCC), Canadian (IC), Australia and Israel compliance.


The Link2-900MHz has four primary modes of operation:

Data Uplink

Typically the Link2-900MHz is used to relay data from Link2-900MHz and Link2-Mesh radios using an internal 2.4GHz low power radio. Data is received from other units and is transmitted through a high powered 900MHz uplink radio capable of sending the data up to a mile.

Device Server

The Link2-900MHz provides a smart instrument interface that has the ability to communicate with over 70 instruments from leading manufacturers. The Link2-900MHz reads and interprets important measurements, alarms, and the device status. This data is encrypted and transmitted in a low bandwidth format to compatible remote monitoring systems such as the RemoteDNA Web Portal.

Base Radio

A Link2-900MHz is used as a base radio which receives data being transmitted by other Link2-900MHz units and outputs the data to a PC.

Location Awareness

The Link2-900MHz has an integrated GPS to give location information. This provides real-time situational awareness of your remote deployment teams.

The Link2-900MHz has the following external ports:

Link2-900 Ports


The Power port enables the Link2-900MHz to be powered from an external DC 5-16V power source.


The Com port is the primary device connection and supports both TTL and RS 232 serial connections up to 115200 Kbps.


The Audio port can connect a headset and the Link2-900MHz will give audible warnings to a user indicating alarm or status conditions.

Link2-900MHz Specifications

Transmit Power Output

1 mW – 500 mW

Range (outdoor/line of sight)

Up to 2 miles (3 km)

Up to 10 miles (16 km) with high-gain antennas

Range (indoor/urban)

Up to 1500’ (450m)

Internal Battery

4 x AA cell

External Voltage

4.0 - 16.0 V

H * W * D

13.5cm x 10.2cm x 3.5cm


SMA Female (requires antenna with SMA plug)

Internal board mounted (low power radio)

Link2-900MHz Configurations

Part Number
Radio Model Number
CDM60600 Link2-900MHz with GPS Digi XT09-MI
CDM60601 Link2-900MHz with no GPS Digi XT09-MI

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