Hardware | Networking and Wireless Radios | Machine to Machine (M2M)

RemoteDNA is built on the some of the latest networking hardware Link2. Link2 devices connect to various technical instruments and then retransmit the data via LAN, 2.4 GHz wireless, 900 MHz wireless or through cellular broadband (GSM). RemoteDNA will help find the right solution for your company to help you get instant access to the data you need in the field.

Weather Sensor Upgrade

Weather Sensor UpgradeBy combining the enhanced wireless capabilities and location awareness of the Link2-Sensor with the Wind Sensor upgrade option to the Thermo Scientific ADR-1500, users now have a more accurate picture of the flow of dust particulate within a given region.  

The wind sensor upgrade can be mounted at the same location as the ADR-1500/Link2-Sensor and provides wind speed and wind direction.  The wind sensor data is also fully integrated in the Air Quality Portal for complete remote analysis of particulate data alongside the wind speed information.

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PCU | Probe Control Unit | 2.4GHz 900MHz Ethernet

Probe Control UnitThe Probe Control Unit provides network connectivity to an attached gamma radiation detection probe.  The PCU is an IP66 weather resistant device suited for outdoor mounting and monitoring in harsh industrial conditions.  The PCU (Probe Control Unit) collects data from an externally attached probe and analyzes the data for alarm messages. The data is then passed on to a monitoring software via Ethernet, 2.4GHz or 900MHz uplink radio if installed.  

The PCU is equipped with internal solid state relays to turn on the built in strobe light, sounder or other externally connected alarms. The PCU is also equipped with 3 status LEDs notifying users of the system status.  


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Link2-Sensor | Wireless Radio | 2.4GHz 900Mhz Cellular

Link2-SensorThe Link2-Sensor wireless device transceiver provides reliable and simple to use wireless connectivity for sensors and instruments via radio communications enabling data from remote field teams to be instantly transmitted to a central monitoring system without having the need to deploy a field based radio system.

The Link2-Sensor is enclosed in an weather resistant IP65 enclosure suitable for outdoor use. The Link2-Sensor connects directly to an instrument (compatible devices)contains an integrated GPS receiver and integrated lithium ion battery for mobile deployment. The Link2-Sensor can be configured with 900MHz and 2.4GHz radios for local data reporting or an internal cellular option is available for enhanced coverage in remote locations.

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Link2-Gateway | Touchscreen Gateway and Base Radio


Link2-Gateway is a wireless gateway that connects multiple Link2 devices to the RemoteDNA portal via a local LAN or via mobile broadband (GSM). Link2-Gateway also read instruments that are directly connected via serial or USB (compatible devices).Link2-Gateway has a 3.5" LCD touchscreen which is used to configure the connection type, what devices are connected, and other detailed information without needing a host computer.


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