About Us

The RemoteDNAtm  Promise

With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service, RemoteDNA has become a sought-after supplier in the Nuclear, Environmental and Security industry. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, RemoteDNA continues its never-ending pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.

Since 1998 RemoteDNA has been a global specialist in the remote monitoring business. With a focus on critical real-time monitoring in the security, nuclear power, and environmental markets. RemoteDNA offers a unique ability to provide customers with an unmatched combination of solutions for their monitoring needs.

Product Innovation

RemoteDNA is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of remote monitoring systems, including wireless, wired, cellular, and satellite transmitting hardware systems; next-generation data, ReachBack management and software-only solutions; instrument / sensor gateway hardware systems; integrated detection systems, and full mapping displays and more.

Like other communications and information portal systems, remote monitoring is migrating from a centralized domain to one that is network-based and IP-focused. That means existing network infrastructures can be leveraged to deliver monitoring solutions in new and exciting ways that drive mission critical requirements, lower cost and increase efficiency.

With an open systems design approach RemoteDNA products will deliver all the advantages of full integration

Engineering Excellence

Respected as a major product innovator in the remote monitoring market, RemoteDNA manufactures a large number of special equipment items, including portable GPS integrated transmitters, CBRNE fixed and portable transmitters, wireless sensor networking infrastructure hardware, cellular phone CBRNE gateway applications, web based ReachBack management software applications, Integrated mission critical messaging services, and instrument management applications.

In-house engineers at RemoteDNA continue to develop intelligent solutions set to be the building blocks of the nuclear power, environmental and security industry for years to come.

Unmatched Service and Support

All RemoteDNA products are backed by the most comprehensive customer support in the remote monitoring industry. RemoteDNA is committed to delivering support second to none, and has established an array of programs to provide helpful tools to its customers. RemoteDNA is committed to its customers. Users are never on their own with RemoteDNA experts ready to assist.